1) Classifiers:
Keene New Style

a) Keene Style:

Made from High impact plastic with stainless steel screen. Designed to fit in the top of a 5 gallon plastic bucket and also nest into each other. Mesh Sizes of: 2/4/8/20/30/50/100

Price - $29.95 each




b) Jobe Classifiers (illustrated at left):

Made from high impact plastic with stainless steel screen. Designed to fit in the top of a 5 gallon plastic bucket and also nest into each other. Mesh sizes of: 2/4/8/12/20/30/50/100

Prices -
$29.95 each or
Save $25 on a set of 8 - $215.95

Jobe Classifier

2) Vials


2 Dwt vial & dropper kit

Gold and Gem Sample Case

a) Come in various sizes, glass:

2 Dwt -
½ ounce size-
1 ounce size -
2 ounce size -




b) 2 Dwt vial & dropper kit (shown at left)

Price: $1.50




c) Gold and Gem Sample Case (shown at left):

Comes complete with 7, 1-ounce glass vials. Small enough to store in a shirt pocket.

Price: $8.95


3) Magnets

a) Pen Style Pocket Plunger Magnet

Pen Style Pocket Plunger Magnet

Slightly larger than an ink pen. Simply depress, then release and the sands fall free.

Price - $9.95
b) Keene Gold Magnet

Keene Gold Magnet

A very handy little tool for gold panning. Simply depress the button to pick out the magnetic sands, then release button and the sands fall free.

Price - $10.95
c) Large Black Sand Magnet

Large Black Sand Magnet

Ideal where large quantities of magnetic sands exist. The unit’s large handle makes it easy to use. Allows loads of magnetic sands to drop off cleanly when the plunger is lifted.

Price - $14.95
4) Brush


½” wide –to brush your gold together in your gold pan.

Price - $0.75
5) Gold Dust Lockets

Gold Dust Lockets

Gold-filled, soldered loops, complete with jump ring, fine German lenses. Available in ½” and ¾” diameter. A nice way to show off your panned fine gold.
1/2” Round
3/4” Round

Prices -
1/2” Round - $11.95
3/4” Round - $12.50
6) Pendant


Sterling Silver, pick – shovel – pan design.

Price - $6.95 each
7) Snuffer Bottles

Snuffer Bottles

Come in two sizes, 4 ounce and 2 ounce. The design of the snuffer bottle will prevent accidental release of gold from bottle once in, so there is no fear of losing your gold regardless of the position of the bottle. Made from a soft plastic material that will not harden in cold weather/water. When panning and testing, it's an ideal way to "high-grade" your concentrates. Place about 1cm (1/2") water over your concentrates. Draw water into snuffer bottle. Squeeze this water from the bottle to "blow" away the black sands from the gold, then suck up your gold.

Prices -
4 ounce - $3.95
2 ounce - $3.50

8) Compression Seal (Not Illustrated)




Spare seal for ‘Grizzly’ pan (not illustrated)

Price - $4.95

9) Wet Separation/Storage Bin


Wet Separation/Storage Bin

A very sturdy, heavy duty, plastic, lockable lid, bin with multiple uses. Ideal for storing the Gold Magic Spiral Pan and processing bank-run material away from the river, or in clean-ups with the ‘Gold Magic’. Approx. 24” x20” x12” deep.

Price - $59.95

10) Treasure Scoop

Treasure Scoop

Heavy Duty Plastic. Use with Gold magic, River Sluices, Metal Detecting. Bright yellow colour.

Price - $8.95

11) Video:“Gold Panning Re-invented”

Video:“Gold Panning Re-invented”



This is a 1 hour video with emphasis on the ‘Grizzly’ pan and ‘Gold Sluice Miser’.

Price - $25.95

12) Light Scope: (Pocket Microscope)

Light Scope: (Pocket Microscope)

Zoom 60-100X. See how jagged fine gold really looks. Focus can be adjusted such that the light pivots to the point at the object. Uses 2 AA batteries (not included).

30X - similar to above but not illustrated.


Zoom 60-100x

13) Matting

a) Ribbed Rubberized Matting: (Regular Profile)

Ribbed Rubberized Matting: (Regular)

Black or grey colour. Ideal for quick clean-ups and to place under non-backed Miner’s Moss. Depth of grove is 3/100 of an inch Regular profile, min. 2 ft. lengths - per sq. ft. (illustrated).

Price - $6.95

b) Ribbed Rubberized Matting: (High Profile)

Hi Profile Matting

Black in colour and a depth of groove of 11/100 of an inch. High profile.

High profile, black, 12” x 24”
High profile, black, 12” x 48”
High profile, black, 18” x 48”
High profile, black, 24” x 48”

Prices -
12” x 24” - $17.95
12” x 48” - $27.95
18” x 48” - $37.95
24” x 48” - $47.95

c) Miner’s Moss

Miner’s Moss

Non-backed in blue or charcoal colour. Use regular rubberized ribbed matting on the base of your sluice or high-banker in conjunction with Miner’s Moss for efficient gold collection and fast easy clean-ups. Min. 3 ft. lengths.

Price - $11.95 per square foot

14) Dropper Bottle

Dropper Bottle

2 oz. size, Boston round, w/Yorker spout.

Price - $1.95

15) Wetting Agent

Wetting Agent

To break the surface tension of water for better gold separation.
2 oz. size dropper bottle w/Yorker spout.

Price - $2.95

16) Tool Box

Tool Box

With snap latch and 5 extra pockets in lid. Keep your small things organized. Useful for Sluice Miser Clean Up equipment and other small items. 12” x 6” x 4.5”.

Price - $4.95

17) Steel Sluice/High-Banker Stand

Keene Style Adjustable Stand

Keene Style Adjustable Stand

This 4 leg adjustable height sluice frame is designed to work with most standard 10” sluices/high-bankers. The height of each leg is adjustable for a perfect fit to any terrain. It provides a stable platform to use a sluice as a river sluice, power sluice, or dredge. Anodized.

Price - $82.95

18) GRG Scoop

GRG Scoop

Stands for ‘Gold, Rock, Gem’ Scoop. Come in Green, Blue, Black, and Maroon colours. Great for:

  • Prospecting: Rapid testing of bank-run material for gold or for feeding any re-circulating machines, Blue Bowl Separators, small sluices.

GRG scoop holds 1/10 shovelful of bankrun material. One can rapidly test a scoop of material, count the flakes of gold, multiply by ten to estimate the amount of gold per regular pan.

  • Rock Hounding: Sampling for garnets and other small gems.
  • Metal Detecting: Nugget or coin/relic recovery – Place dirt sample in scoop, check with detector.


  • Finger grips for both small and large hands.
  • Built-in Clip for easy storage, access and removal.
  • Riffle pack in cup –Great for sampling for gold and gems.

Price - $9.95 each

19) Scales

a) Model HP-50x

Scale - Model HP-50x


  • 50g capacity
  • 0.01g accuracy
  • 20 year warranty
  • 2 AAA batteries included
  • backlit display
  • 30 second auto-off

Price - $64.95 each

b) Model MX-50c

Scale - Model MX-50c


  • professional accuracy
  • 50g x 0.01g precision
  • big display; 5 digits x 12mm
  • auto calibration
  • weighs in grams, grains, or carats
  • auto zero tracking
  • low battery indicator
  • auto power off selectable
  • stable indication
  • ultimate jeweler's scale
  • protective hard cover
  • batteries included

Price - $109.95 each

20) Power Pack

Power Pack

Power Pack: Converts house power to 12V, 3.5 A directly. Eliminates the need for a battery to power your gold miner or similar equipment requiring 12V power when working at home. Simply plug the unit into a house outlet and hook the clips from your equipment to the power studs.

Price - $29.95 each

21) HiVision LED Head Lamp

Hi Vision LED Head Lamp

A handy light to have available for various activities where a powerful, bright white LED light is required for close work and a bright red LED for night vision. Hands free, integrated battery compartment. 170 degree adjustable head unit, ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

Price - $14.95 each

22) Easy Cook Portable Gas Cooker

Butane Portable Gas Cooker

This 'take anywhere' stove uses butane for its fuel. You don't even need matches to light the stove ... just turn a knob. Comes in its own case for easy storage or transport.

Price - $19.95 each

23. Nugget Sucker

Nugget Sucker

Hand operated gravel extractor, made from 1.5" PVC pipe with an adjustable tension rubber plunger. Perfect for sniping and crevicing. About 33" long.

Price - Sale - $39.95
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